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Section Analysis & Design

OpenBrIM.Section is an application that can be used to define arbitrary cross-sections, compute sectional properties, run analysis and perform code-check and design.

OpenBrIM.Section can compute following properties:

  • Centroid and Perimeter
  • Sectional Area
  • Shear Areas
  • Shear Center (Elastic and Trefftz's calculation)
  • Torsion Constant
  • Warping Constant
  • Inertias
  • Radius of Gyration
  • Elastic Section Modulus
  • Plastic Section Modulus

OpenBrIM.Section can handle arbitrary shapes, reinforcement, prestressing and hybrid / composite properties.

OpenBrIM.Section can perform moment capacity analysis, moment curvature analysis and can generate moment/axial force interaction diagrams. All of which can be used in nonlinear, inelastic finite element analysis.


OpenBrIM Incubator is the fully integrated development environment for engineering information, specifically designed for 3D geometry, structural information, documents, rules, regulations, engineering databases, modeling templates and more.

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OpenBrIM Library contains engineering definitions used by all OpenBrIM apps and services forming a full transparency layer between you and OpenBrIM.

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Finite Element Analysis

OpenBrIM.Analysis is a cross-platform, high performance 3D finite element application specifically designed for the structural engineering industry.

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