Your Path to BIM/BrIM Workflow

for Owners

OpenBrIM provides a fully integrated environment for owners. The same model used for design and construction can be utilized for asset management, inspection management, health monitoring, load rating and more...

OpenBrIM Library provides definitions for all things engineering, such as signs, barriers; even traffic conditions, rules and regulations.

Pictures, documents, communications can be attached to project components and tracked through out the life cycle of the structure.

A dedicated dashboard is available for load rating, where you can change strength of structural components, manage rating vehicles, and perform load ratings quickly.

OpenBrIM utilizes 3D finite element analysis and influence surface based live loading method to provide accurate load rating reports.

OpenBrIM also provides oversize vehicle permitting and routing service. Having all your structures on the platform, OpenBrIM can autonomously run load rating in real-time and provide route recommendations.

Load Rating

OpenBrIM.LoadRating provides on-demand rating factors of structural components efficiently using OpenBrIM's advance 3D finite element analysis combined with fast and accurate 3D influence surface loading.

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Structural Health Monitoring

Manage structural health monitoring systems directly through your detailed 3D model. OpenBrIM provides an integrated solution where sensor information becomes part of your OpenBrIM project.

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Document Management

As a fully integrated document management system, OpenBrIM.Docs goes beyond a simple storage service like Good Drive or Dropbox. Each document can be associated with particular part of the structure, dated and revision controlled within the context of your BIM/BrIM model.

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Platform App

OpenBrIM Platform App is the entry point to all OpenBrIM features and applications.

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Library Concept

OpenBrIM platform is built on a community-driven library concept capable of supporting a large community, and provide the toolset to encourage collaboration. OpenBrIM.Incubator and OpenBrIM.Library are fully integrated engineering information development platform.

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Parametric 3D Modeling

Imagine that you could create detailed models of your structures by putting individual components together - just like putting Lego pieces together. OpenBrIM brings Lego concept to engineering.

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