Extensible Library Definitions

Library Concept

OpenBrIM platform is built on a community-driven library concept capable of supporting a large community, and provide the toolset to encourage collaboration. OpenBrIM.Incubator and OpenBrIM.Library are fully integrated engineering information development platform.

OpenBrIM.Incubator is a free and open environment and requires no licensing -- anyone can create an account and start creating content; or make use of existing content on OpenBrIM Incubator.

Any content created on OpenBrIM Incubator is immediately available to all OpenBrIM users under the author's (content owner's) name.

While OpenBrIM Incubator is open to everyone, OpenBrIM.Library is monitored and selected from incubator objects that have been verified and/or used extensively by the community.


OpenBrIM Incubator is the fully integrated development environment for engineering information, specifically designed for 3D geometry, structural information, documents, rules, regulations, engineering databases, modeling templates and more.

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OpenBrIM Library contains engineering definitions used by all OpenBrIM apps and services forming a full transparency layer between you and OpenBrIM.

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Parametric Markup Language

At the core of OpenBrIM platform lies a powerful parametric engine that can evaluate millions of expressions and parametric dependencies in split of a second.

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