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Finite Element Analysis

OpenBrIM.Analysis is a cross-platform, high performance 3D finite element application specifically designed for the structural engineering industry.

OpenBrIM.Analysis supports all core finite element features specified in OpenBrIM standard.

Following element types are supported:

  • Spring Stiffness Element (Linear/Nonlinear)
  • 6x6 Stiffness Element (Linear)
  • Line Element (Linear/Nonlinear) (Elastic/Inelastic)
  • Surface Element (Linear/Nonlinear)
  • Volume Element

All finite elements support local/global end offsets, global end releases, and overrides.

Prestressing tendons are also available supporting pre-tension/post-tension, internal/external, bonded/unbonded configurations and include elastic shortening, short and long term loss effects.

OpenBrIM.Analysis provides immense customization option for loading cases allowing you to simulate most complex loading conditions with ease.

  • Each loading case can be set to run in linear or nonlinear mode.
  • Element properties can be overridden for each loading case
  • Finite elements can be activated, deactivated, or set as weight/stiffness only for each load case

OpenBrIM.Analysis supports wide range of loading capabilities:

  • nodal loads and nodal displacement loads.
  • element loads
  • temperature loads (uniform, linear, nonlinear gradient)
  • prestressing loads
  • vehicular and pedestrian live loads
  • wind loading

OpenBrIM.Analysis can perform:

  • Linear/Nonlinear Static Analysis
  • Pushover/Buckling Analysis
  • Influence Based Live Load Analysis
  • Eigenvalue/Ritz/Response Spectra Analysis
  • Staged Construction Analysis
  • Linear/Nonlinear Time History Analysis

Platform App

OpenBrIM Platform App is the entry point to all OpenBrIM features and applications.

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OpenBrIM Incubator is the fully integrated development environment for engineering information, specifically designed for 3D geometry, structural information, documents, rules, regulations, engineering databases, modeling templates and more.

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OpenBrIM Library contains engineering definitions used by all OpenBrIM apps and services forming a full transparency layer between you and OpenBrIM.

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for Designers

OpenBrIM provides a fully integrated environment for designers. Quick modeling capabilities, advance built-in 3D analysis capabilities, and transparent code-check and design procedures make OpenBrIM a one stop collaborative design platform - even for the most complex projects.

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Library Concept

OpenBrIM platform is built on a community-driven library concept capable of supporting a large community, and provide the toolset to encourage collaboration. OpenBrIM.Incubator and OpenBrIM.Library are fully integrated engineering information development platform.

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