BIM/BrIM Automation

for Fabricators

As a fabricator, you have access to fully detailed 3D model including dimensions, bill of materials, drawings, notes and documents in the format of your choice.

OpenBrIM alignment and model information can be exported:

  1. to standard formats,
  2. to fabricator's own proprietary format,
  3. or OpenBrIM can directly connect with your existing systems through it's open API.

OpenBrIM Built-in RFI system works directly on your OpenBrIM model providing context and makes it easy to keep track of all communication.

Document Management

As a fully integrated document management system, OpenBrIM.Docs goes beyond a simple storage service like Good Drive or Dropbox. Each document can be associated with particular part of the structure, dated and revision controlled within the context of your BIM/BrIM model.

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