Collaborative Drafting System


OpenBrIM.Drafting is a powerful, on-cloud CAD application fully integrated with OpenBrIM platform allowing you to create and/or auto-generate parametric drawings in a collaborative environment.

OpenBrIM app is our main 3D modeling platform, includes our 2D drafting engine, 3D advance analysis engine, inspection, load rating, health monitoring and more. It provides access to all OpenBrIM.Incubator and OpenBrIM.Library objects.

Parametric 3D Modeling

Imagine that you could create detailed models of your structures by putting individual components together - just like putting Lego pieces together. OpenBrIM brings Lego concept to engineering.

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OpenBrIM Incubator is the fully integrated development environment for engineering information, specifically designed for 3D geometry, structural information, documents, rules, regulations, engineering databases, modeling templates and more.

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OpenBrIM Library contains engineering definitions used by all OpenBrIM apps and services forming a full transparency layer between you and OpenBrIM.

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